Jacksonville Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Jacksonville Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Jacksonville, FL Traffic Ticket Attorney

In the state of Florida, there are various traffic violations that could lead to you receiving a ticket. These traffic tickets can cause you to face one or multiple punishments, such as paying fines, attending court or driving school, license suspension, an increase in insurance rates, or points added to your driving record. If you are issued a traffic ticket, a Jacksonville traffic ticket lawyer can fight it for you.

You may not think that you need a criminal defense lawyer for these violations or that you should fight them at all, but traffic attorneys can provide invaluable assistance. You don’t need to simply accept your tickets and face the assigned penalties. An attorney can defend your driving record and help you contest your ticket.

Jacksonville Traffic Ticket Lawyer

The Drivers’ License Point System

In Florida, there is a mandated point system for all licenses. This keeps track of all infractions and traffic offense tickets on a person’s driving record by assigning points after each charge. These violations will only add disciplinary points if you were convicted or admit guilt; paying for a ticket is a form of this. If a driver receives 12 or more points within the span of a year, you may face limitations on your license and driving privileges.

Upon receiving 12 points within 12 months, your license is suspended automatically for 30 days. If you received 18 points in an 18-month period, your license is revoked for three months. Accumulating 24 points within a 36-month span will result in an automatic one-year driver’s license suspension.

Driving Offenses That Need Traffic Violation Defense in FL

There are several possible traffic violations that a person may commit, and drivers are also subject to the potential issuing of multiple infractions at one time. DUI offenses are related but tend to be handled separately, as they can get serious and typically have their own set of regulations and penalties. Additional reasons why you may be ticketed for infringing on traffic laws include:


Driving over the designated speed limit will frequently result in a traffic ticket.

License Violations

These offenses include driving while your license has been suspended or revoked, driving without a valid license or with an expired one, and minors driving without a license.

Failing to Heed Traffic Control Devices or Signs

These traffic violations can include not stopping at a stop sign, running a red light, or other traffic light infractions. Not adhering to pedestrian walk signals, crosswalks, or school crossings is also considered an offense. Even if you don’t follow these traffic indicators in an effort to avoid an accident, you can still be viewed as culpable.

Moving Violations

Not yielding the right of way (not following the order of right away at an intersection) and improperly changing lanes (merging without looking or sufficient room) are within this category. This also covers disobeying the law in a no-passing zone by illegally passing another vehicle in an unpermitted area.

Careless or Reckless Driving

These breaches are similar, and both refer to someone operating a vehicle without caution and in a manner that could endanger the well-being of others. “Careless” insinuates that the individual is seemingly unaware of their irresponsible driving, while “reckless” indicates that the driver is purposely controlling the vehicle in a way that inflicts harm to property or the lives of others.

Drag racing, also called street or highway racing, may also be under this label of traffic crime if not specified otherwise. Any type of racing is illegal on streets, roads, highways, parking lots, and other unauthorized areas.

“Move Over” Law Violations

If you approach an emergency vehicle that is stopped on the side of the road or highway with its lights flashing, you are legally required to move over one lane or slow 20 mph below the local speed limit.

Hit-and-Runs/Leaving the Scene

Fleeing the scene of a vehicular accident that you were involved in and that resulted in property damage or the bodily injury/death of a person is against the law. In these situations, you must provide vital information, like your name, address, insurance, registration, or driver’s license details.

If there was harm to or the death of someone, you must try to contact an ambulance or otherwise bring the victim to an emergency healthcare facility. Damaging property without reporting it is also considered leaving the scene.

Open Container Charges

It is unlawful to have an open and unsealed alcohol container or any other vessel containing alcohol in or on your car while driving or parked/stopped on any road, alley, or highway/interstate.

Registration Violations/No Proof of Insurance

If your vehicle is not registered with the state or you fail to provide proof of registration, you will be given a traffic offense ticket. Just as you must supply the officer with your license and registration upon getting pulled over, you must also hand over proof of car insurance. Failing to do this will result in a ticket as well.

Unlawful Tags/Faulty Equipment

Being found driving with expired registration tags or with tags/plates that are not lawfully issued will cause a person to be subject to citations. You also cannot add any decorations on your vehicle that obstruct a clear view of your plates or tags. How this is enforced can vary from one officer’s discretion to another.

Unlawful lags are under faulty equipment infractions, which also encompass failing to have properly functioning:

  • Brake and tail lights
  • Turn signals
  • Headlights
  • Lights above the plates
  • Windshield wipers
  • Mufflers
  • Horns

Seatbelt Violations

If an officer finds that you are not wearing a seatbelt, that is a primary driving offense. It is also a valid sole reason for you to be pulled over. Front-seat passengers and all passengers who are under 18 are required by law to wear a seatbelt. Passengers five years old or younger need to be restrained by a child restraint device that is federally approved.

Texting While Operating a Vehicle

This form of purposely distracted driving is dangerous and can certainly result in you being pulled over and ticketed. Florida statutes forbid a driver from typing or sending messages and reading messages on a wireless device. Touching or holding communication devices while driving through school crossings and school/work zones is also prohibited.

Bench Warrants for Traffic Tickets in FL

Your traffic ticket usually does not require you to appear in court but if it does, a judge might issue a bench warrant. This is a call for your arrest and immediate transportation to the court. Law enforcement officers are allowed to arrest you at home, at work, or while pulled over during an active traffic violation.

If a bench warrant was issued in your name and you don’t want to face the consequences, then you must take action swiftly, such as by contacting a ticket lawyer from Gates Law Firm.


Q: How Much Does a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Cost in Florida?

A: This will depend on the specific traffic ticket and the attorney’s experience. On average, these attorneys will charge a rate of $100-$500 an hour or a flat fee within the same price range. Some may also require payment for a retainer fee, which can be upwards of $2,000, to pay for court and filing fees and other additional costs that may come up during your case.

Q: How Do I Dispute a Traffic Ticket in Florida?

A: If you don’t want to pay the ticket or take driving classes, or you believe that you aren’t guilty of the traffic charge in Jacksonville, FL, you will have to contest the ticket in court to have it dismissed. Your greatest chance of getting the ticket absolved is through the help of a defense lawyer who handles traffic crimes and tickets. A lawyer can effectively challenge the officer’s testimony and other evidence through creative legal interpretations or contradictory evidence.

Q: How Do You Pay for a Florida Ticket Online?

A: If you wish to accept the conviction and added points, you can pay your traffic fine online. Select the county in which you received your citation, and you will be directed to the specific website for that county’s clerk. Fill in the relevant information, such as your citation/case number and license number. You can then enter your credit/debit card billing information and submit your payment.

Q: Is It Worth Fighting a Ticket in Florida?

A: Yes, it is very often worth fighting a traffic ticket. Many citations are based solely on the eyewitness testimony and discretion of the officer, which can be inaccurate/incorrect or not fully informed. You may also be ticketed, regardless of whether an accident occurred, if the officer had sufficient reason to search your vehicle.

A Jacksonville traffic ticket lawyer can combat these claims for you and protect your driving record from convictions.

Don’t Face Penalties, Get Ahead of the Stress: Traffic Violation Defense FL

It’s very important to protect your driving rights and record. You don’t need to accept the ticket fines or added points. A traffic violation would be noted as a conviction on your record and, if those stack up quickly, you could have your license suspended. Avoid these costly penalties by reaching out to a traffic crime defense lawyer from Gates Law Firm, who can represent you and prevent any negative lasting effects on your future.


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