Client Portal

Client Portal

To gain access to your client portal you will receive an email from our office with a link to activate your account. Once you click the link to activate your portal, you will be asked to create and password. We highly recommend that you do not share your login information with anyone. Please ensure that we have an accurate email address on file for you to access your portal. From this point forward you will be able to receive and share information with your attorney. Using the client portal means you will have access to confidential case information 24/7 including all discovery, motions, invoices, your upcoming court dates etc. This software is completely mobile friendly for your convenience and can be accessed from your cellular device.

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Don’t hesitate to contact Gates Law Firm today if you are facing criminal charges. The best defense is strong,
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work tirelessly to get you the best outcome possible in your criminal defense case and protect you from any
false or misleading charges.

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